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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Laurus Summer Camp operating this summer?

Yes, Laurus Summer Camp will be operating in 2021. Last summer, we successfully ran five locations without a single COVID case! We look forward to having another safe and fun summer this year!

Q. Does Laurus Summer Camp provide tax forms?

Yes, if you are a Canadian resident and have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) we can provide you with a Relevé 24 (RL 24). These forms are sent out for summer camp attendees in January/February.

Q. If the government mandates camp cannot occur, what financial alternatives are provided?

If childcare services are not permitted and we are unable to run our camp operations as scheduled, for families who have already paid and registered their children for summer 2020, we can offer the following financial alternatives:

• Rollover registration and paid camp fees to 2021. Camp fees can be used as a credit towards any programs Laurus offers, including March break 2021, summer 2021 and towards any Laurus offerings. Credit will not expire and can be used indefinitely.

• Donate some or all your 2020 paid camp fees to support underprivileged youth from low socioeconomic families and provide them with a camp experience.

• Refund of the registration with a administrative fee. Refunds can be made in full minus the administrative fee. We have reduced our administrative fee from $75 per week cancelled to $25 per week cancelled.

Q. Does Laurus accommodate children with special needs?

If your child has an aid during the school year and needs one on one attention, parents will have to provide a shadow to accompany them at camp.

Q. Where are your camps located?

We have locations in Downtown/Westmount, the West Island, and Laval! Stay tuned for more locations being announced soon!

Q. How old are your counsellors and what training do they have?

Our counsellors have an age range of 17-27, they go through background checks, CPR training and are fully trained prior to the start of camp. We have a ratio of 5-1 (3-1 for juniors) of campers to counsellors which is a lower ratio than most other camps.

Q. Do the junior campers get to nap?

Yes! Our junior campers (age 3-4) have a nap time for 45 minutes right after lunch but parents can opt out if they wish.

Q. What do the kids do during extended care hours in the morning/evening?

During check-in and check-out and extended hours our campers are supervised in the gym for free play time.

Q. What Language does the camp run in?

All of our camps activities and games are run in English. Our counsellors however are all bilingual.

Q. Do the kids go to the pool?

We don’t have swimming or anything that involves the head being submerged under water as we feel the risk is too high. We do however have weekly water activities such as sprinkler, slip-n-slides and water balloons.

Q. Where do we hire a shadow for our son/daughter?

You can visit this website. We would need a background check from the shadow

Q. How does registration work?

Registration is completed through our website, just make sure you have selected the correct location! You will receive a confirmation email once you have registered.

Q. What are the weekly themes that I see on your website?

Our weekly themes are incorporated into as many camp activities as possible all week long! Everyone gets to experience the theme of the week regardless of which STA you sign up for. Superheros, Under the Sea and Nature are examples of themes you can expect your child to explore at Laurus!

Q. How do I cancel my registration?

If you would like to cancel your registration for this summer, please contact and we will issue a full refund minus the reduced administrative fee of $75 per week registered.

Q. Does your camp still run on holidays? i.e. Canada Day & Jean Baptiste?

Yes, our camp runs 5 days a week every week in the summer even if there is a holiday.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that things come up and sometimes weeks need to be cancelled so we are as flexible as possible!

If you need to cancel a week a refund is made in full minus the administrative fee. Before May 1st, the administrative fee is $25/week cancelled. May 1st and after the administrative fee is $75/week cancelled. For March Break that date is February 1st.

If you need to switch a week in summer to another date that is no addition cost.

However, the deadline to switch or cancel weeks (and STA's) with a partial refund is the Thursday at 4pm prior to the week of camp. After this time no refund is able to be made due to cancellation or absence, as camp is 3 days away, staff are scheduled and materials purchased.

Q. When is payment due?

When registering you will be required to include credit card information. Payment is required in full prior to camp starting in order to keep their spot secured. 

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! During the registration process you will be asked to input your credit card information. In this section you will see the payment plans that are offered. 

Q. Do you require a credit card to register?

Yes, our registration system requires a credit card and a deposit in order to complete registration and secure the spot in our camp.

Q. Do you have to be a Quebec resident or have a visa to attend your camp?

Nope! Our camp is open to anyone, you do not have to be a Quebec resident to register. We have campers from all over the world joining us.

Q. My child is allergic to nuts - can he attend your camp?

Yes! Our camp is nut free facility. All lunches must be nut free.

Q. Is my child properly accompanied throughout the day?

Yes, it is our camp counsellors main priority to ensure that each camper is with their group and well integrated into the camp lifestyle. Our counsellors accompany their children wherever they need to go throughout the day (water breaks, bathroom breaks, etc).

Q. Does the school have AC when the kids are inside?

Some have AC but they are all well ventilated rooms. Weather allowing the campers are outside as much as possible and the counsellors are trained to have water breaks every 20 minutes.

Q. Is it an overnight camp?

No, we are a day camp.

STA's are a Laurus specialty. Your child will spend 75 minutes per day on a Specific Training Area (STA) with an expert in that field. The STA program method enables enhanced development and learning in important segments. Our four main STA categories are Arts, Academics, Sports and Coding & Robotics and each includes a multitude of class types.