Feb 11, 2019

10 Winter Safety Tips: Being Canadian is Dangerous

At this point, the cold weather is at its peak; which makes winter safety tips essential for this time of year!

Written by:
Kayla Pehi

At this point, the cold weather is at its peak; which makes winter safety tips essential for this time of year! Whether you drive, run, walk, penguin slide, there are always ways to improve your overall safety. To learn about some helpful winter safety tips for you and your family this winter; keep reading!

Pedestrian Winter Safety Tips & Hacks

  1. Dress Warmly

This one seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised. We’ve all seen it, 14-year-olds are somehow immune to cold temperatures! They walk around in their converse and hoodies as if the sleek ice is of no threat to them. But for the rest of us, boots and a warm winter coat is essential. Bundle up in a warm hat, scarf and mittens. Yes, MITTENS! Sure, they’re not the most convenient item of clothing for texting, but they keep your hands warmer than gloves do, therefore they are a winter in our books!

  1. Stay Off Your Phone

We understand that it is extremely difficult to keep your phone away from your twiddling thumbs.  But for the sake of your safety and wellbeing, we recommend keeping your phone in your pocket, and your hands out of pocket. If you slip while your hands are in your pockets, you may not have enough time to save yourself from a bloody nose.

  1. Rock & Salt EVERYTHING

Rock, salt, kitty litter every single outdoor surface that you possibly can. With weather conditions such as these, ensuring that your first step out the door isn’t the last one of the day is fairly important. To avoid slipping and sliding up and down your driveway, we recommend taking an extra couple of minutes out of your day to protect yourself from any unfortunate falls.

  1. Respect the Roads

Yes, crossing the street in the middle of nowhere as opposed to walking to the crosswalk might save you a whole 3 minutes of commute. However, consider this; in these weather conditions, a car might not have enough time to avoid an accident due to the slippery roads. Therefore, better safe than sorry!

  1. Be Visible

Wear reflective items on your clothing to ensure that drivers can see you at all times. During a winter storm, visibility is reduced; therefore, it is important to wear bright colors and reflective gear to maximize your visibility to those around you.

Driver Winter Safety Tips & Hacks

  1. Change Your Tires

This one is fairly straight forward – your car can’t perform to its safest capacity if you aren’t taking the proper precautions.

  1. Warm Your Car Up

Warming up your car isn’t a safety tip, but it does help reduce the condensation inside the car. This doesn’t need to be done for too long, as it can be harmful to your car. Remember that you should never leave your engine on in a closed garage.Give Yourself Extra TimeIt’s always best to leave a little earlier during the winter. Although we all enjoy the extra 15 minutes of snooze time in the morning, being in a rush is overall unsafe.

  1. Check Weather Conditions

It’s important to check the weather reports in the morning to have a good understanding of what the roads are like. It can also help you gage how long your commute might be.

  1. Clear ALL Snow and Ice

Even if it’s cold, even if you’re running late, even if it doesn’t seem important – ALWAYS clear ALL the snow and ice off your vehicle. On the highway, a sheet of ice flying off your car is particularly dangerous for the people behind you. Be considerate of all road safety measures.

Bonus Winter Safety Tips (For Home & Car)

  1. Prepare an Emergency Kit

These are the basic things that one might need if they get stranded in a car or the power goes out:

  • Fully Equipped First Aid Kit
  • Non-perishable food (such as energy bars, nuts, snacks, dried fruit, etc.)
  • Plastic water bottles (so the container won’t break if frozen)
  • Extra clothes
  • Blankets
  • Flashlight
  • Matches or Lighter

Above all else, remember that it is important to be aware of all the dangers that winter has to offer. And keep these winter safety tips in mind! But with that being said, winter is also a great time to have fun. So much fun in fact, that Laurus is holding two Winter Camp locations this year; one in Montreal, and one in Laval. For further information, you can click the links. Be safe!

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