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All Camp Registration Now Open!
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Laurus Summer Camp


Enriching experiences for kids ages 3 to 15 engaging in arts, sports, academics and robotics. Specialized instructors lead your children to learn about themselves and the world around them.
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What sets us apart:

Programs for all ages
High counsellor to camper ratio
Nut free facility
All children welcome
CPR & first aid trained
Specific Training Areas
Optional extended hours
Daytime summer camp


Enriching experiences for kids from ages 3 to 15! Kids will experience programs in the Arts, Sports, and Academics, with specialized instructors. Each week has a sports and creative theme. Registration is now open; be sure to register before the week's fill up and to take advantage of our early pricing!

Programs & Pricing

All of our pricing is based on program and number of weeks enrolled and applies to our Junior, Regular and Leadership Programs. Prices increase over the course of the summer. Need assistance with pricing? Feel free to reach out to our team directly!

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Current Pricing
March Break
June 29 - August 28
1 Week
reg. $250
$300 / week
2 Weeks
reg. $240
$280 / week
3 Weeks
reg. $230
$270 / week
4 Weeks
reg. $220
$260 / week
5 Weeks
reg. $210
$250 / week
6 Weeks
reg. $205
$240 / week
7 Weeks
reg. $200
$230 / week
8 Weeks
reg. $195
$220 / week
9 Weeks
reg. $190
$200/ week
1 Week
$235 / week
reg. $250
25% Sibling Discount
Now available for March Break!
2020 Camp Dates
March 2nd to March 6th
March 9th to March 13th
March Break Camp Registration Opening Soon!
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Are you looking for pricing for single day registrations? Please contact us directly.
*Pricing above expires March 31

Program Details

At Laurus we offer a multitude of programs for children of all ages. Each program is specifically tailored to the growing minds of a certain age group and designed to help your child learn about themselves as well as build tools to navigate the world around them!

[ click each for more details! ]
Ages 3 - 4
Ages 5 - 11
Age 12 - 14
Tailored to their needs, the Laurus Juniors Program caters to preschool children and provides them with a personal, hands on experience with a counsellor to camper ratio of 1:3. Our campers receive an enriched learning experience that will provide them with the opportunity to advance their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Through various channels of exploration and discovery, our Juniors will be able to learn about themselves, and the world that surrounds them on a day to day basis!
Our Youth Program at Laurus is far from regular! This program is tailored specifically to the quickly growing minds of 5-11 year olds. In this program your child will begin to experience the Laurus speciality STA's, as well as guest speakers, and a multitude of other activities to keep them busy! Our Youth Program will help your child make leaps and bounds when it comes to their social, emotional, artistic and academic selves.
The Laurus Leadership Program is geared to providing our young adults with the tools to be confident in themselves and learn how to lead and impact those around them. Focusing on the future can be intimidating, but we have framed this learning experience in a fun and exciting way that allows your child to truly consider what their future roles may require of them and teach them tools to assist them along the way. Most notably, the leadership program provides unique opportunities to learn through entrepreneurship, taking initiative around camp, and learning the power of empathy through giving back to the community!
Our newly launched Counsellor In Training program is designed to teach teens aged 15 all the necessary skills and aptitudes to be a great summer camp counsellor! Empathy, ingenuity, problem solving and time management will all be a focus on CIT that assist not only in becoming a counsellor, but also in everyday life. Three 3-week sessions are available throughout the summer, of which teens only need to attend one in order to begin the next steps towards their role as a possible counsellor at Laurus.

"For the past 3 years, our boys, 10 and 13, have been attending Laurus Summer Camp for the entire summer. From the various activities - fundraising for causes, sports, and cooking to the phenomenal counsellors - their summers are filled with joy. This camp inspires children to reach their full potential, it builds their confidence, and gets them thinking about the environment. I guarantee your children will skip out of bed to get to LSC camp!"

- John R., Facebook

"I can certainly understand why we cannot convince our son to attend any other summer camp, even after 4 years! The instructors are awesome, each one is so attentive to the campers and incredibly dynamic. The STA program is so diverse, the lunch program is really helpful and the drop off location is so convenient! We are so grateful to have found Laurus Summer Camp and we leave our son at the camp 5-7 weeks per summer with peace of mind knowing all the crew are really looking after him and that he’s happy to be there. Keep up the amazing job!"

- Josée G., Facebook

"Laurus is without a doubt the best summer camp in Montreal. The entire camp experience is designed to give the children an incredible summer. Keep it up!"

- Paul A., Google

"For years our children have hated their day camp. When we heard about Laurus, we sold them on trying it with the daily smoothies. They agreed and the rest is history. They love every single day. They come home with stories of their friends, their counsellors, what they did, what they are going to do. I can tell you as a parent, nothing makes us happier than seeing our children's eyes light up. Thank you Laurus!!"

- Richard & Kathy N., Google

"My husband and I were quite skeptical about sending our oldest to camp for the first time. After the first day she was hooked. For the whole summer we didn't stop hearing about the smoothies, the games, the lunches, everything. It seemed like every day was something new. I cannot tell you how thrilled we were with 2014, and are looking forward to sending our second child summer 2015! Have a great winter & see you in June!"

- Lisa G., Facebook

What are STA's?

STA's are a Laurus specialty. Your child will spend 75 minutes per day on a Specific Training Area (STA) with an expert in that field. The STA program method enables enhanced development and learning in important segments. Our four main STA categories are Arts, Academics, Sports and Coding & Robotics and each includes a multitude of class types.

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The ability to engage a child's mind artistically is one of the most important aspects of Laurus Summer Camp. Teaching them to think outside the box, follow the rhythm, discover the movement of dance and the confidence required in theatre are all part of our Arts programming through Visual Arts, Drama, Dance and Cooking.


Just because it's summer doesn't mean the learning has to stop! Your child will have the chance to spend time focusing on English, French, Math, and Science during their time at Laurus, giving them the confidence they need to excel in next years classroom.


A key aspect of learning about yourself is learning about your own body, and what better way to do that then through sports! Your child will not only learn the rules of Soccer, Basketball, and Fitness, but also the details of strategy, gameplay and teamwork.

Coding & Robotics

Laurus has teamed up with Engineeius to provide children tools to motivate children to learn math, science, and technology integrated with engineering. Your child will be able to develop, build, program and operate various kinds of robots with practical functions of interest to him/her.

Meet Our Team

Our fun, energetic and mature staff are here to ensure your child has a fun and safe summer. All with a distinct background in education, their ability to make activities exciting and engaging as well as their mentoring capabilities help not only to create a great camp experience, but also in helping your child realize and achieve their goals. Click here to learn more about Laurus.
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Emily Reis

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An update from the Laurus Team

We are so thankful to be able to operate this summer and will be constantly adapting and communicating as more information becomes available. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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An update from the Laurus Team

We are so thankful to be able to operate this summer and will be constantly adapting and communicating as more information becomes available. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Location Details

All of our camps are conveniently located in schools at the centre of safe communities in 3 locations across Quebec.

If you need more information before registering, have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly.

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