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Building Gratitude as an Attitude

Many parents and educators worry that today's children are ungrateful. But research suggests ways to turn the tide. Read more to find out how and why we should foster gratitude in children.

Building Grit Through Positive Discipline

What is grit? In simple words, it is perseverance amidst challenges. How can you help your child develop the capacity to push through adversity in pursuing a long-term goal? Read more to find out.

Family Activities to do this Spring: Top Ten

Our favorite top 10 ways to stay active and busy this Spring!

More Recess in Quebec: Higher Rates of Success

Overall, recess time benefits children in their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

The Momo Challenge: Even Kim K is Worried

Reports of a creepy doll figure that can be contacted via social media named Momo are circulating, have you seen Momo?