The 2014 Team

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The 2014 Laurus Summer Camp Counsellor Team


Hey all! My name is Dom and this is my second year at Laurus! I finished my undergrad at McGill University in History and Film Studies and am currently completing my Master's in Film Studies at Concordia. I had a great time last year and I can't wait to cook up a storm with you guys this year!


Dylan is a Montreal native majoring in Political Science at McGill University. Although he is a graduate of both Lower Canada College and Dawson College, Dylan also spent two years living abroad in both Spain and Israel. He has loved playing sports his entire life and has had the privilege to play basketball and soccer at two different international schools. He also has extensive experience tutoring kids in English, French and History and is extremely excited to come back to camp this year. This will be his second year as a counsellor at Laurus Summer Camp.


Hello Campers! My name is Ava and I am from Ottawa, Ontario. I moved to Montreal in 2009 to pursue my B. Education (secondary) degree at McGill University and I will be graduating in May 2014. I am a soccer enthusiast, I have played at the competitive level since the age of nine and I cannot wait for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer. I also love music and drama, I participated in my high school musicals and some of my fondest memories are of live theater and musical productions. I have always loved camp, I attended camps when I was younger and once I was old enough to work, I chose to work at camps too! I can't wait to meet all of you this summer, it's going to be a blast!


As a student at McGill University, Kendra is currently working towards her BSc in Psychology and Neuroscience. Having taken years of courses in the sciences, she has a strong foundation in chemistry, physics, math, biology and of course, psychology. On the other side of the spectrum, she has a diverse background in the arts: dancing competitively for over 12 years, acting in school plays, and attending a Fine Arts high school where she majored in photography and dance. She also worked as a peer mediator in elementary school classrooms, helping students learn to peacefully resolve conflicts; an experience that taught her how to patiently work with children in group environments. Volunteering as a councillor for Operation Trackshoes, a sports camp for mentally disabled individuals, Kendra learned the value of patience, compassion and organization when working towards team goals. With hopes of one day attending medical school to become a doctor, she is also CPR certified. Perhaps most importantly, Kendra enjoys keeping active, working as a team, and adding a little fun to everything she does!


Hello future friends! My name is Josh and I am Montrealer, born and raised. I love our city and all of its diverse people. When others run away to warmer climates in the winter, I try to find a way to make the most of what we have here; whether it be skiing in the townships, or playing hockey outside with the neighbourhood kids. When summer rolls around, that’s when I really come alive! If I’m not on a road trip or out camping, then you’ll probably see me biking around town. I am a graduate of Concordia in Exercise Science where I spent most of my degree specializing in Athletic Therapy. My education involved working closely with CEGEP athletes in injury prevention and rehabilitation. After some volunteer work with kids, I realized I couldn't ignore my calling any longer. I am now studying at McGill to become a high school science teacher.


Hey Everyone! My name is Aya and I'll be coming back for my second year at Laurus. I’m from Montreal, Quebec & am currently studying at Marianopolis College in the Commerce Program. I have played sports my whole life, and try to get involved in everything sports related. I currently play for Marianopolis Rugby team. I also love music and plan on learning all the instruments I possibly could. Finally I really love children and look forward having fun with them. I can't wait to be a counsellor this summer and meet all the campers!


Hi! My name is Joey and I am a second year counsellor from Glen Ridge, New Jersey. When I'm not teaching the sports specific training area at Laurus Summer Camp, I work on my free throws, cross-overs and dunks. I am very exited about going into my second year of the camp and can't wait to teach the younger kids how to play sports and help them live an active lifestyle!


Hey! My name is Caroline. I am 17 years old and I attend Marianopolis College as a Health Science student. I am honour student at my college and I excel in all sciences. I’ve only been a permanent resident in Canada for the past 5 years. I originally come from Lebanon, Beirut. I am tri-lingual; I speak Arabic, English and French. I am a very ambitious, active and an optimistic person. I have been dancing for the past 13 years of my life; dancing is one of my true passions. I am very excited to join Laurus’ team! Can't wait till summer!


Madison is a guest councillor hailing all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Madison's background revolves around the world of theater, music and dance. Madison is a regional artist who has performed leading roles in multiple productions such as How to Succeed in Business, Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables, Cinderella, and many more. Madison's background does not only encompass musical theater, but also the world of opera. As one of the youngest mezzo-sopranos of her age, she has done such works as Carmen, Don Quichotte, Barber of Seville and many more. Madison is highly skilled in memorization techniques, project management, and presentation techniques. Madison is very excited to be joining the crew of Laurus this summer to introduce children to the wonderful world of theater and music.